Only Balkan women knew how to man the grill, and the men had to listen.

Only Balkan women knew how to man the grill, and the men had to listen.

My baka in the 70s grilling and probably telling my Deda da ćuti so she can take care of business (Cover photo).
I feel like my IG post deserved a blog post so here it is. This ones dedicated to the strong balkan women in my family who kick ass. The Mame, Tetke and Bake you know and love even after all the batine!

My baka used to say "our women are too good," and it was true. They really did it all and the men had to be ok with it because they knew! Only a Balkan Woman knew how to man the grill back then and these ladies were fearless. They took charge and everyone knew who was boss.
Balkan baka passing food old photo
The boss sitting at the head of the table.
They cared, but probably never told you how much they did even though they'd probably die for you. That's just how it was, they were hard because times were hard and women didn't have it easy like we do today. But, they were also smart and knew what they were doing, what cards to play and when.

Baka looking in a sneaky way at the camera while men pour her coffee
Oh yeah, she knew what she was doing.

 Fast forward, the dinners never stopped, the family grew and so did our love for each other. The women in our family brought us together and they never missed a beat. 

Family dinner fast forward to the 2000s

 Just another family dinner in the early 2000s and Seka being a creeper in the corner.


My Tetka likely fighting with my Tata telling him how to do it right.


Baka standing with all men at dinner table cheers

My Baka Dana who always knew how to bring everyone together and they loved her for it.


Family dinner

My Ujna in Bosna who never sits down until everyone else has eaten.


mama grilling peppers

And my mama, who has always supported every single passion project I've ever had.


Each and everyone of them, spicy in their own way and I love them all. 

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