The Spicy Balkan is not just Ajvar; it's a labor of love that was born out of a deep admiration for the rich and authentic flavours of the Balkan region.

Growing up, I watched the women who raised me cook up traditional dishes with all the love and passion they could give. They taught me the importance of being bold and humble. Today, it's what keeps me grounded and reminds me of who I am.

The Spicy Balkan is a tribute to the remarkable women who raised me, whose unwavering spirit and spicy attitude were passed down through generations. We love to love, and when we love, we love hard. This is our secret ingredient that we want to share with the world. Every bite is a testament to the love that was put into it, the same love that has been passed down from our family to yours.



The history of Ajvar dates back centuries to the Balkans, a region located in South Eastern Europe.

During the World Wars, many families were forced to leave their homes and flee the region. As a result, many traditional dishes, were lost or forgotten, ajvar managed to stick around.

Since then, the Balkan regions have all fought around who owns the rights to the ajvar recipe. The truth is, this entire region contributed to this delicious dish and it is a testament to our Balkan culture. What makes ajvar special is that everyone makes it their own way with slight variations but, the foundation is the same.

The Spicy Balkan is here to remind us not to forget our rich history but honor each other and the future we’re building together as one.


Ajvar (pronounced eye-var) is a roasted red peppers and eggplant spread or can be enjoyed as a side dish. Ajvar can taste mild and fruity or sharp and spicy.

The journey of Ajvar begins with a unique variety of peppers known as Roga. These Balkan-style peppers are elongated, tapering to a point resembling a bull's horn, from which their name is derived.

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We've taken old traditional methods and we’re doing it again! Every step of crafting our Spicy Balkan Ajvar is carried out with love and care as we embrace a truly artisanal approach. Each small batch is thoughtfully prepared by hand, ensuring that every jar is infused with a labor of love.