Pickling Workshop 2024

Pickling Workshop 2024

June 2, 2024, marked a significant day for culinary enthusiasts in Toronto as the first seasonal Spicy Balkan Pickling Workshop took place at That Toronto Studio loft, with its rustic charm and homely feel, made everyone feel instantly at ease. Its cozy intimate vibes and rainstorm that day, created a comforting atmosphere that invited everyone to be in the moment and embrace the art of pickling. 

The Ingredients: Local and Seasonal
All the vegetables used in the workshop were locally grown in Ontario. From crisp cucumbers to vibrant peppers and luscious tomatoes, every ingredient was fresh and in peak season. We love local and our workshop’s are commitment to sustainability and supporting local agriculture.


Sava Sisters

A Family Affair
The workshop was more than just a culinary lesson; it was a celebration of community, family and friends. Guests ranging from seasoned picklers to curious newcomers, gathered around communal tables, sharing stories, laughter, and tips. The event gave a sense of togetherness, as everyone worked side by side, slicing, dicing, and brining the vegetables. The shared experience of creating something with one’s hands brought people closer, and we loved seeing that!

The Process: A Journey into Balkan Tradition
Led by experienced picklers with a deep knowledge of Balkan traditions, participants were guided through the intricate process of creating spicy pickles. They learned about the unique spice blends that give Balkan pickles their distinctive kick, including ingredients like garlic, dill, and chilli peppers. The hands-on workshop allowed everyone to get involved, from mixing brines to packing jars, ensuring that each participant left with their very own jar of homemade pickles. The nostalgic scent of vinegar, spices, and fresh vegetables filled the air, creating a sensory experience that reminded us of home. It was the perfect day.

Looking Ahead: More Workshops to Come
The success of the Spicy Balkan Pickling Workshop is only the beginning of many more seasonal workshops to come. This inaugural event brought together people from all walks of life, united by their love for good food and good company. 

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