What is Ajvar?

What is Ajvar?

Ajvar (pronounced eye-var) is a roasted red pepper and eggplant spread or side dish. We like to call this, vegan caviar.

The journey of Ajvar begins with a unique variety of peppers known as Roga. These Balkan-style peppers are elongated, tapering to a point resembling a bull's horn, from which their name is derived. They share a resemblance to the typical red bell pepper, but they distinguish themselves with their richer flavor profile and thicker skin.

The Spicy Balkan Ajvar Pepper Spread

The Spicy Balkan sticks to traditional methods in which the peppers are roasted directly over a fire until their skins char, rendering them soft, sweet, and sticky.   Large-scale industrial producers often opt for a less expensive oven-baking method, which is quicker but results in the loss of that rich, smoky charred taste. With Ajvar, you cannot take any shortcuts!

The Spicy Balkan Fire Roasted Red Pepper Spread

Once roasted, the peppers and eggplant are seeded and skinned, then get ground up into a smooth yet chunky texture and prepped for cooking. 

The Spicy Balkan Ground Red Peppers Ajvar
Mixed with a special formulation of spices and other natural ingredients, it is then stewed in a large pot for 4-6 hours to drive off moisture and concentrate its flavor into a delicious spread, packed in jars and sealed for you to enjoy!

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The Spicy Balkan Ajvar
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